Buying a leather sofa or a fabric sofa? 

The biggest advantage of leather sofas is that they are strong and durable, have a high degree of aging resistance, and are easy to scrub. The disadvantage is that it is colder in winter and sticky in summer. Because the cortex is relatively cold and hard, the skin-friendly feeling is low. The breathability of fabric sofas is better than that of leather sofas, which will not stick to the skin and have a stronger sense of skin-affinity. The disadvantage is that the elasticity is worse than that of the leather sofa, the resilience is not so strong, it is not very resistant to dirt, and it is more difficult to clean. Like the common living room leather sofa or living room fabric sofa, if you want to consider the durability of the sofa, you must choose carefully from many aspects.
In general, the price of leather sofas is more expensive than the price of fabric sofas, and when it comes to buying a sofa, you must also take into account the economic budget. Like those high-end leather sofa brands or fabric sofa brands, the price is very high. The low-end sofa brand is more appropriate. An expensive sofa is not necessarily good, the sofa that suits you is the best.