What techniques should be paid attention to in sofa placement 

Any space has a central point, which is not completely fixed, it can be a wall or any object in the living room. For the living room, there are a lot of furniture placed inside, such as TVs, sofas, bookshelves, etc., which can be used as the visual focus of the living room. When placing the living room leather sofa or living room fabric sofa, you can take a specific visual focus object as the core, and then place the living room sofa around this core object to form an arc-shaped dialogue space.
With visual balance at its core. There is a lot of furniture in the living room, the most common is the sofa. There are also many styles of living room sofas, such as inline living room sofas, corner living room sofas, modular combined living room sofas, etc. Leather sofa manufacturers or fabric sofa manufacturers will produce many living room sofa styles according to actual needs. And the style, size and size of the sofa must also be suitable to complement the living room. It is best to focus on the visual balance of the sofa, determine the specific placement of the sofa, and then the size, color and style of other furniture are matched with the sofa as the focus.